I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Countdown - Day -2 July 30th

Well - here we go again! How many times have I started with that sentence? I am pretty much fed up with not being able to lose weight by myself. So, with the help of the trainers and staff at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah - I WILL SUCCEED (And Survive).
A little bit about me. I am a young 38 year old. 5'7 and weighed in at 240 lbs this morning on my way out the door. My goal is to be fitter at 40 than I was at 20 - so that gives me 2 years to sculpt my body and life. I am married to a wonderful man and have been blessed with 2 great children aged 7 and 9. I really enjoy vacationing ( especially the beach).

I have been teaching group fitness classes for 23 years. I have been overweight the whole time. I consider myself to be fit - but am getting tired of being fat.
I am looking forward to the challenges that I will be facing in Utah. Excited about the opportunity to be in a "Sterile" environment for 4 weeks. I need to get over a hurdle that I have not been able to get hop over and make it to the finish line!
I am sitting in the airport in Edmonton. Feeling a bit emotional. This adventure is starting to seem real now. 30 days away from my wonderful husband and 2 young children will be tough. I am sad that I did not make my goal of losing 50 lbs by the time the camp started ( I did lose 10) - but not much we can do about that now - move onwards - no sense looking back - time to start looking ahead!
I am looking forward to my 2 night "rest" in las vegas before catching the shuttle on Sunday. I have been making better food and beverage choices today - why wait until Sunday to start? I am going to miss my diet coke. It has been a bad addiction for quite a few years. It seems that every time i have a diet coke in my left hand - there is a donut, Mr big, bag of chips in the right. A bottle of water seems to wash down apples, bananas & Salads. So as much as I don't look forward to giving it up - I NEED TO! And I will - I won't have a choice - at least for 28 days. I am going to follow the program both the exercise and the food at BLR.
Well VIVA LAS VEGAS! I will return after I am checked in and orientated Sunday night from my prison cell at Fitness Ridge LOL!

A quote that caught my eye from somewhere

" You are the way you are - because that is the way that you have chosen to be!" how true.

I am going to make a challenge for you all daily. I figure that I have to give things up this month and so can you. I followed quite a few blogs and thought - wow - you go girl (as I was sitting with a diet coke in my L hand and a Mr big in my R) - so put down those unhealthy snack and go and get something healthier to snack on and here we go.

Daily Challenge: Think about 1 unhealhty habit (salt, sugar, caffeine, couch, water) etc and make a small change today - Just once today - choose differently - think about what you are doing and grabbing and make a conscience effort to choose better!