I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

If you told me where I would be today - a year ago - I wouldn't have believed you!

It was an amazing day. I hosted my Weight Loss Jump Start Seminar. 30 strong and amazing ladies came from 8:30 - 5 and did everything that I put in front of them. Boot camp, Yoga, Resistance Training, Zumba, Stretching.  They sat through 2 hours of Nutrition Lectures, Exercise Information & Goal Setting.

I was going to do Subway Subs for lunch - but I did a bit of research into the ingredients and .... High Fructose Corn Syrup is the 3rd ingredient in the 9 grain wheat sub! Sickening! So I chose PIZZA - yes that is not a typo - PIZZA! 

Panago's multi grain, thin crust - with light cheese (about 1/2 as much) on a medium pizza - is only @ 125 calories a slice~! Pretty decent - so paired with veggies with low fat dip with a nice creamy yogurt for dessert - it was a pretty tasty lunch.

I am doing OK. I have achieved my goal of getting under 200. I weighed in today at 197.9.  I am enjoying a bit too much pop, sweets, treats - practicing some emotional eating so........... time to tighten up the belt - I am happy that I am not gaining weight through this struggle. I am accounting for the "slip ups" and paying for it with exercise and doing it in moderation. So it still may just be the 10 % and I feel like I'm cheating - but I feel much better when eating "clean"!

I bought  my first pair of Calvin Klein Jeans today at Costco - Size 16 and they fit good! Wow! Feels so great to be able to pick up pretty much any size 16 in any store and have it fit! I would like to get to that point in a 14 - so I need to make a plan and get practicing what I'm preaching.

I am still training for the 1/2 marathon - but need to get on a more serious schedule too.

I hope to report next post that I am getting back on track - now that I have some time to focus on me. I am still planning my wellness retreat in March - but I'm keeping it more simple and if it starts booking up more - then I'll do a bit more planning for it!

Have an awesome week - 3 weeks to get in Bikini Shape for Hawaii!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011! Happy New Year
What exciting goals / challenges will you face and achieve this year?
I didn't make any exciting resolutions
1 short term goal to be under 190 when I go to Hawaii in February
(only 8 lbs to go to achieve that goal)

I survived the holidays and came out 2 lbs under. Got in a fair amount of workouts in.
Last weekend I took 3 new certification courses - It was great to learn a few new things!
My new classes have started up and are going well.
I got a wireless headset and speaker system - so that my class can now hear me - seems kind of weird!

My New Year New You weight loss seminar is coming up next Friday. It has been frustrating trying to get people to commit and pay! Most people that haven't paid yet are using excuses to back out now. I just don't want to have to supply food, buy supplies & get manuals for them when they are not going to be there. Ugh............ dealing with people - I guess it's just part of the "job". I'll have to get solid policies and just start getting tough.

Well until next time - just wanted to drop a line to say that I'm still here, still on this journey and on track ( with the occasional bump and U turn - but doing OK)  just living a normal life feels great!

Happy New Year - get mooooooooooooooving!