I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On the road again - (or atleast not draggin on the ground)

A bit of determination goes a long ways! 
I set my mind to it and Monday morning was my January 1st! 
Caffeine Detox ( from the diet cokes)

 and Sugar Detox
and it's Day 3 and I'm still alive to talk about it!
Now just to get off the Tylenol addiction for all the headaches. LOL! No headaches & fatigue today!

Yesterday I had a hard day at work and I am feeling some stress around my upcoming exercise classes. For the first time in 14 years of teaching here, i don't know if I have a spot to teach and 35 anxious students that want boot camp.

  Normally - Diet Coke & Mr. Big would have comforted me - but instead....  I chose to hop on my bike, headed out west towards the magnificent Rocky Mountains and biked 16 km's and then turned around and came home. I did 32 km's in 1 hr 17 min and it felt great!

In three days this week, I have done 50 km's between biking, walking and jogging.
 It feels great to feel great again and I can't believe that it only took
3 days of clean healthy eating, exercise & good night's sleep!

I sat down last night and did my goal setting sheet. My goal is to lose 19 lbs by Oct 20th
 ( our family vacation to Hawaii)  but... I have learned that that damn scale is not the be all end all...

for those of you who are addicted to the scale ... beware

I am 15 lbs lighter now than when I came back from Utah last year and
my body fat percentage is higher and my muscle mass is lower
and my clothes don't fit or look as good as they did a year ago

Don't be afraid of those weights, they may give you some muscles that weight more but you'll look better and burn more calories sleeping.

Well it's my Friday tomorrow and a challenge for me to keep this momentum going



until next time ... don't just think about it - DO IT!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

1 Step Forward and 3 steop Back

Well I always said "if i didn't have to work - I would have no excuse to not be more active!" How wrong that is! I do not function well without a routine.  I've been off work for a month now and all in all I"m eating well and preparing meals but then snacking on crap and drinking pop all day long.  I am actually looking forward to getting home tomorrow and getting back to work on Monday.

I can't believe that it's almost been a year since I returned from Fitness Ridge. I am definitely not where I thought or wanted to right now .... but on the other hand - I am still under the weight that I came home at. I still have 4 months to tweak a few things and work hard until my 40th Birthday!

While on holidays here in BC, with access to this damn computer and Internet ( which is one of my biggest stumbling blocks) Bob Harper ( trainer from the Biggest Loser TV show) posted and it really opened my eyes and a day later The Biggest Loser Resort also posted it ( as I was reading while snacking on a chocolate bar) 

A true lifestyle change means you have to CHANGE your life!

Wow - how simple yet how complicated that is!  So it is time to sit down and go through my weight loss jump start materials and so some self assessments and goal setting and do some Changing!

Looking back since my last post -

I had a wonderful trip to Las Vegas with my husband.  We did a side trip up to Utah and I stopped by Fitness Ridge and wow - the emotions that rolled out.  We had a great day hiking around snow creek canyon and I did not do that STOP sign hike - as I wanted to spend my time hiking with him - and I did not need to prove anything to myself as I knew that I would have made it up there in under an hour

I kicked butt in my first Triathlon.  Even with my really really bad transition from the pool to the bike ( I decided that I wanted to be comfortable not fast, so I changed )
(didn't shower but might as well have LOL)
I came in 2 / 8 in my age category.

I would love to more triathlons and am considering spending my winter vacation at a Triathlon Training Camp in Tucson, Arizona in Feb!

I signed up for the Las Vegas Marathon.  After thinking about it ... I have decided that I am not going to go.  I really don't want to complete one of the biggest accomplishments of my life and get to the finish line and ....... have no one special there.  So I will find a marathon in Alberta where my family and friends could come and support me!

Well .... that's about it

The next post will not be 4 months away because