I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vacation Came and Gone

It was an amazing vacation to Mexico!  I had a great relaxing time. Did tons of walks on the beach - calves were screaming. Went to the gym and did some jogging on the treadmill and core work.  I managed to only gain 1 lb on my holiday.  5 days of 3 all you can eat and drink buffets - so that is not bad. I made healthy choices and used portion control. Did not go back for seconds and enjoyed everything that I wanted - in moderation and gave up other things to balance the calories out (white breads, pastas etc

I had the unique opportunity to go Zip lining. There is a weight restriction of 250 lbs. I have not been able to do this before and the guy that picked me up and threw a scale at my feet and told me to hop on - my previous nightmare! But it was OK - I hopped on proudly and came in 45 lbs under the line!

I did not meet my goal of being under 200 and am struggling at 204 and feeling a bit unmotivated.  None the less - the struggle continues and always will!

I am finding myself digging into the bags of chocolate chips and peanut butter jar a bit more than I should. I need to stop and ask myself - What emotion am I trying to stuff down my throat.  I have been eating more processed foods and can feel it. Even though my weight is in check - my body feels very bloated.

I have a friend who is participating in a weight loss challenge and she came over last night to workout and is coming again today and tomorrow - so that is great accountability and getting me moving again. When I am done typing this I am going to go downstairs to do a "Mountain" class on my treadmill to wear off the calories from the 3 hand fulls of chocolate chips that I ate while making "the kids" whole wheat banana bread for snack. I take the butter out and replace it with applesauce and it works great - try it if you haven't.

Well here are a few pics from my Mexican Adventure! I came home to an ugly blast of winter  - 25 degrees - cold - snow - wind - ugh! Better get the snowshoes and cross country skis out so that I can continue this healthy lifestyle outside again.

I have a lot of hard work to do this week - to feel confident wearing a very form fitting black dress for 2 Christmas parties next weekend.  Have a healthy and happy week!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

A bit off track

I seemed to have lost focus a bit this week. 
 I got quite a bit of exercise in and seemed to be really craving and fighting my sugar addiction.
I have been eating more convenient processed foods and not counting calories and feel huge & fat! My body seems to do well on healthy whole foods (whose doesn't?)

I had quite a spill jogging last week. 
 I did 5.3 km and I went to do it again and my feet were feeling a little bit heavy
and I tripped and came down hard.
So much for getting my body bikini ready for Mexico!
 It's healing up pretty good except for the knee.
 I can't imagine doing this at the beginning of a Marathon and getting trampled by thousands!

Speaking of Marathons ---- I have registered for my first race!
 I am going to do a HALF MARATHON (21.1km) in Vancouver on May 1st!
 So excited. It's the 40th year for the race and
I am turning 40 next year so will be getting a special birthday race bib!

I am currently sitting in the airport on my way to Mexico. 
 I am going to try very hard to lose weight on my trip.
 My goal was to be 199.9 by now and I got to 202.4 and then
 hormones, bloating and life happened and I am at 203.
 So no room for 3 out of control buffets a day and endless drinks by the pool. 
 I will choose wisely and pay for any shortcoming.
There is a gym at the hotel that I will use as well and walk through the sand on the beach! 
 I have NO one peice bathing suit packed - so a BIKINI it is!

I am looking at this as my summer vacation.
The month "OFF" in Utah was great - but it certainly was not much of a vacation.
 So I am going to soak up the sun for 5 days in Cabo San Lucas and recharge
 the batteries and get ready to take the bull by the horns again.

For the first time - I am not running to the vending machine past security to buy
 6 bottles of Diet Coke to take to Mexico - Coca Lite does not taste the same
so I have always taken my stash of pop and chocolate bar - so that I could enjoy holidays.
I now have packed a book, some almonds, apples, veggie tray and subway sub,
bottle of water to enjoy the trip!
How great it feels to not be a slave.

Happy Remberance Day!
My bed for the next 5 days!

Monday, November 1, 2010

2 months at home

No exciting pictures, no amazing adventure this week - Just LIFE! I guess I am human LOL

I did not have a great weekend. It started out good, went for a 5.3 km run and then ran stairs for 20 minutes and then........ pop, popcorn, pizza, ice cream, chips, chocolate...... is this part of the 90 / 10? I'm thinking not so much. Although - it was only 2 pieces of pizza, only 1 pop, 1 - 90 cal bag of chips, a few Halloween choc bars - so all in all - not nearly as bad as it would have been "BEFORE".

I found that now I have a sweet tooth and need and want sugar. So I'll have to put an end to this. I am only up 1 lb from last week so that is not bad.  My goal is to be under 200 when I go to Mexico next Thursday so I'm gonna need to pick up my socks and get my butt out of this lazy boy!

I let all the girls in my boot camp know that I have "fallen off the wagon" and need a good kick in the butt , so I got it.  Well I will make a plan to get back on track because I have come way to far to turn around now.

Have a great week and I'll let you know how the U turn around this detour works out!