I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I did it! I made it to through 4 full weeks. A bit of blood, tons and tons on sweat, a few tears here and there.

I have had the most amazing experience of my life. The resort is a 5* Establishment that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. If you are on the fence about going ........... pick up the phone and call!

My last day was nice. I slept in. Packed, did my weigh in, ate breakfast, went to stretch class, bike ride, VO2 test ( I found out where my heart rate needs to be for my body to burn fat) they put a mask on your face attached to the treadmill and make you work hard enough to get to your anaerobic threshold. Lunch and then just floating in the pool. Got a hair cut and then dinner and graduation!

Day 1- August 1st 245 lbs

Day 27 - August 28th 216lbs

my goal outfit at home the day I left

my goal outfit last day

the pants zip up the side and that is as close as I could get them to zipping up.

fitting with no problem!

My Results of 4 weeks of very hard work!
Weight 245 - 216 = 29 pounds!
Chest - lost 5.5 "
Waist - lost 6.25"
Hips - lost 5.75"
Total inches lost 17.5 inches
Body Fat - lost 4%
BMI went from 38.4 to 33.8
It was worth leaving my wonderful husband and children and giving up a month of my life to get back my life! Thank you all for your support and cheering - it made all the difference.
Challenge: If you need to lose weight - my suggestions would be to do the following:
Make a plan to lose 10% of your body weight - you get significant health benefits from just losing that much!
Try to reduce or eliminate artificial sweeteners. They are in diet everything and no one who uses them are skinny! Eat whole foods, try to cut back processed foods and eat clean.
Get 7 - 8 hours of sleep a night
Drink tons of water!
Listen to your body - eat when you are hungry. Think of food as fuel for your body. Would you put a bunch of crappy gas in your car? Your body has to get you everywhere - take care of it, it's the only one you have.
Until you feel that you are worthy of more, you will have to settle for less
I am not settling anymore.
This is just the start of this journey and my first full day in "Life" went perfect, smorgs and all! It all comes down to choices! Choose wisely - choose LIFE!
I will continue to post weekly about how things go at home. My goal is to get to 170 lbs - but the number is really not important. Feeling good in your own skin is what's important!
Good luck on your journey - you can do it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 26 Breakthrough Moments

Today was an awesome day for me. We did "White Rocks" for our hike. I took it pretty slow the first half (the group went much slower today than yesterday - Zac leads a slower pace). The scenery is gorgeous and it was pretty easy - a few tough climbs but the views at the top was worth it.
After breakfast I chose to go biking instead of my scheduled classes ( I got 2 new blisters yesterday so it was nice to get the running shoes off). I was biking up towards west canyon and as I came to the spot where I needed to go on the trail.... I had an moment....
If a van full of quite overweight / out of shape individuals could make it up stop sign ( I saw them as we finished up our hike and was very inspired) surely I could bike to the top. On our first week - I needed to stop 3 times to get to the top of stop sign and admired the fit bikers that just cruised up that monster hill. So I set off to conquer the hill! Long story short - I made it to the top and only needed to stop once. I can't describe the overwhelming emotions that overpowered me when I reached the top and grabbed that pole!
I chose the hard way. The 19 mile west canyon ride is not easy, but quite do-able for me. The stop sign ride was a major challenge and pushed me into that ugly and uncomfortable zone that we do not like to go to often. I had nothing to prove to anyone else - just myself! I cruised down that hill (and probably wore out the breaks on that crappy mountain bike) and felt like a whole new person coming back out of that canyon!
I did 2 circuits as the zumba girls were not there today. Then tried cardio dance and left half way through - hated it and came back to rest.
Went for a dip in the pool and steam room
Went to Tarzan production at the open air theatre here - it is amazing. 5* production and facility. You are at the bottom of the red rocks and it was absolutely stunning! I think I will make a trip out here to see the little mermaid next year!
Well that's about it. Tomorrow is the last day. I am planning on sleeping in. I have my test out at 930 and then vo2 test at 1130 and you can't do any strenuous exercise before that. After that I'll do 30 min jogging on the treadmill and enjoy the afternoon at the pool, get a haircut, supper and graduation and then have my shuttle pick me up and wisk me away to Vegas for my 24 hour summer vacation!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 25 Getting Worn Out

Another day done! Fantastic Hike. We did Upper Gila. They used to do a hike named Slots, but now some of the trail is closed, so we accessed it a different way. Our group split in half and the faster half went to the end and back and the other group turned around part way. I acquired 2 new blisters on today's hike? Ugh!
Nutrition workshop about snacking
Stretch Class - worse one yet, didn't like it, did most of it standing up.
Departing Guest Workshop - we learned how to face the challenges of living outside the bubble of Fitness Ridge.
Treading Class - I put a roll of moleskin on to cover up all the blisters and I was feeling quite hot and not well, but I did it and gave it my all! The old me would have chose and pool workout or bike ride, but I tried even though injured and I DID IT!
I skipped the pool class and went for a bike ride alone
Ballworks - I did the pool instead
After dinner we had nutrition Q & A and menu planning workshop.
Then I watched some tv, helped a friend with some pics on the computer and now heading to bed early as I am getting my Resting Metabolic Rate done tomorrow morning at 5:30 am.
Daily Challenge:
It's important to make goals with whatever part of your life that you want to work on. Set a goal for 30 days from now. This gives you enough time to screw up and get back on track again. Whether it's a weight loss goal or any other health or life improvement goal ..
= write down your goal
= make some action plans on how you will achieve this goal
= schedule your first 7 days with specific times and dates . ie. if it's working out - say when, where and with who - schedule yourself in - you are important and shouldn't put yourself on the back burner.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 24

It's late - so this will be short - photos will follow tomorrow.

Daily Schedule:

Hike: We did Volcano. We had a split group so there were 2 people trying very hard to keep up but always falling behind a lot - so it was frustrating for all of us ( including them i'm sure),., I wanted to keep my heartrate up so i kept backtracking everytime we stopped to wait for them to catch up - ran up and down lots of extra hills. Only 3 of us went to the top of the Volcano - that was cool!

Breakfast - I chose cereal & milk - they served Warm Museli ? Like oatmeal - yuk!

I skipped stretch and Circuit and did my 19 mile - 31 km bike ride again - I love it and I challenge myself and work hard and keep it in hard gears!


Mountain - I ran the whole class - and ended up running 10.5mph for 30 sec at the end

Kickboxing - gave it to that bag - luv it!

Pool - I didn't go to the pool - I did mountain again. Hopped in the pool after and floated in the sun for 20 min before dinner. (I hear it's cold at home in Canada)


I used Heather's truck and went shopping to the Outlets here, Target, TJ Max, Old Navy - exhausting! But ......... an XL at old navy, eddie bauer fit me ........... yeah! One store "avenue" had amazing clotes and the 18/20's were too big for me , the 14/16's fit ( I think I was 12 the last time that happened!)

to tierd to think of a daily challenge - take a rest day

see you tomorrow with more hiking stories and photos

I had so much energy today and was soo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 23 Don't Stop Believing - Hold onto that feeling

Stop Sign This Morning - My goal was to get it done in under an hour........................ drumroll please......................... 0:55 min - whew hew! Rocked it - not only did I get it under but I shaved off 6 minutes. I ran and walked quickly - it was an awesome feeling. I cried half way down the hill - just cause I tried really hard and actually did it! I was listening to "Don't Stop Believing: while I was walking down and boy lyrics sure can be powerful when you're in the right frame of mind.

Daily Schedule

Hike - Stop Sign

Cardio Interval Class - I got blisters on my hike so I did the treadmill on incline and my right calf is all bruised and hurts so I didn't want to run, but still left the class soaking wet

Pool - good workout and then layed in the pool for 1/2 hour


Open Gym - Went on a bikeride by myself and then with Heather

Emotional Growth Workshop

Total Toning - I didn't go - I stayed in the gym instead and did the gym circuit and then 1/2 class of Sharon's Cardio interval

Pool Class - I stayed in the deepend and did my own thing

Personal Training Session with AnnaMarie - it was awesome - she is making me up a weight lifting schedule - she is so strong and amazing - lifts 10's and 12's when the guys in the room have 8's and can hardly lift them up.

Supper - was lasagna - awesome - with 2 choc covered strawberries - I can't believe that they are less than 70 calories??

I have a massage scheduled at 9 pm. I am going to roll of the massage table right into bed. I think there is a hard hike tomorrow. Then I'm going to skip the morning 2 classes (stretch and circuit) and do the 19 mile bikeride with another girl tomorrow. (Better calorie burn!)

Daily Challenge: In our emotional workshop today - Jen made us do I am statements.

I am ....................... not a mother, not a dental hygienist
but .............. beautiful, strong, independent, adventurous, stubborn etc.

make your own I am statements............... do 8 then pick your top 3 and make your own I am statements, use this to validate yourself when times get tought (instead of stuffing your feelings down with food)

Daily Totals : Exercise Calories: 2569 + 1200 (food) = 3769 should be another lb gone!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 22 Another Full and Amazing Day

Only 4 full days left! Whew hew! I am so excited to go home. I am doing my all and best this week to make the most of it.
Daily Schedule
Hike: we got put in a van with returning guests and there was quite a mixture of hiking levels. It was really a disaster and the one guy wanted a better burn so climbed up in the hills and got lost so we left without him and they picked him up later. ( Burned 937 Calories)
Tomorrow's hike is stop sign and I am going to make that time under 1:00hr so i will have to jog a bit to make up a few minutes. Jogging on the treadmill has been easy but jogging on pavement? We'll see how that goes.
Breakfast was that greek fritata thing - ugh - but I ate it.
Mountain - you increase your speed every 3 minutes for 12 x and I jogged through the whole thing (burned 455 calories)
Stretch - was good ( burned 173 calories)
Lunch - I ate quick and then headed out for a 19 mile or 31 km bike ride - to the end of West Canyon (up where we hike) there are cougars, mountain lions, rattle snakes and tarantulas out there - I guess I"m either brave or stupid to go alone. I made the bike ride in 1 hour 30 min, it was awesome. I felt like I had felt a finish line! (Burned 838 calories)
Core Class - was awesome - taught by Paige (Burned 212 Calories)
Circuit Class - was good - I did it in my sandals but it was good ( burned 308 calories)
Water Aerobics class - deep end suspension ( burned 300 calories)
Total Calorie Burn from Exercise 3223 + 1000 (from RMR that I didn't eat)=
a calorie deficit of 4223 - so should be good for another pound gone on Saturday's weigh in.
I started packing last night - it's amazing that I have my favorite clothes that I like to wear and do the wash every 2 days - oh well. I am leaving a lot of my clothes for my Friend Heather who is staying longer.
Daily Challenge: I was listening to music on my bike ride and the song "Proud" biggest loser's theme song came up and I just love those lyrics.
so - What have you done today - to make you feel proud? Make a list - I"m sure there are a few things you can think of - fitness or not related - if not - do something tomorrow!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 21 Amazing Weekend

Saturday morning hike to the left - I was able to hold my body weight up with 3 fingers - wow - would not have done that 3 weeks ago. I weighed in on Saturday morning and ......... 224.5 so that is 21 lbs down in 3 weeks.

Sorry for all the pictures. 4 of us went to Bryce Canyon for a night and it was awesome. We did lots of getting in and out of the car, small walks -one decent hike to the bottom of the canyon.
We had to dine out 3 times. For supper - we went to a smoke house and all had roasted turkey (that was done without skin on the BBQ) and salad and I had 1/2 a baked potato with a big glass of water.
Breakfast and lunch today was subway. We had taken veggies and fruit from the resort before we left so they came in handy. My calories were low yesterday so I had a frozen yogurt and my stomach got gassy, crampy etc. I really think that I deal better without milk products.
We were faced with challenges and temptations all weekend and passed with flying colors. It really makes you think when you know how hard you have to work to wear calories off - it's not worth eating the high calorie low nutritional stuff. ( I think I am finally getting it!)
Well dinner was nice tonight - we flew in towards the end, but were able to hear all the introductions from the new and returning guests. I am looking forward to my last chance workouts this week - see how much more I can achieve!
Our hiking group will be mostly new people this week, so that will be nice!
See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010



Today's Hike was very interesting. I got 1/4 way thru the hike and I wasn't feeling great. Very dizzy and light headed and today's hike was the most challenging by far. There were a lot of steep ledges to climb down, around, up and one -not the best day to be dizzy. I felt like i needed to eat so I had some sugar and drank tons of water and got feeling better.
A guy in our group slipped and had a very near miss with death! He would have fallen off the side of a cliff that was a good 1000 feet down. He got his grip and just ended up banged up a bit.
After breakfast was open gym - so I took a Friend and we biked up to where we leave from our hikes.
Stretch was after that, I didn't want to stretch so I did a cardio class with another team
Lecture about how to make next week better
Circuit Training ( this is what I did with the other group - but I did it again with ours)
Zumba -Ole Ole - was fun
Liquid Moves - they were playing a group game in the pool and I didn't' want to play - so I went back in the gym and did the Circuit Class yet again.
I opted out of movie and shopping tonight. I am making a presentation about my experience here and need to start working on it.
Tomorrow is a sign up for a hike day - there was only one other person signed up for 3rd ravine ( the only hike - the rest are walks) so I signed up. It's an intro hike - so I wasn't going to as I like going faster, but with only us 2 intermediate fast hikers we will get our own private guide!
4 of us are going to Bryce Canyon tomorrow afternoon and we will stay overnight and do some hiking and sight seeing and come back on Sunday before dinner. I am looking forward to that.
It will be a test to see how we do in the "real world" as we will need to eat supper, breakfast and lunch out.
They are not doing the reward program anymore. Our group was the last one to get a prize for attending all lectures and classes, so the first week you get a shirt, second a hat, 3 rd a bag, and 4th a coat. I heard a rumour that all the extras were going to be taken to the pro shop to get sold, so I picked up my prizes early. The coat zips up and is a size L. When have I ever been a size L? Always a 2x or 3x - Yeah!
Well I am hanging in there ,happy to have one more week to drill this new lifestyle into my head! Have a great weekend and I'll post some amazing adventures and photos on Sunday after our trip.
Daily Challenge: Do something for yourself - whether it is to read a book, get a massage, dinner with a friend. etc.... treat yourself, take some time for you.. you deserve it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 17 - What an amazing adventure

What an amazing day I had today - quite a change from yesterday!
Daily Schedule:
Hike: Awesome Chasom - Wow- one of the hardest hikes here and we conquered it! It started with 40 minutes of hiking through deep sand. Then you empty the sand out of your shoes (and get eaten alive by mosquitos) then start scaling up the rocks, and up and up and up. It seememd like it would never end. The view from the top was amazing - we went to a few other "tops" and then had to cross a ledge very close to a steep canyon and then got to an overlook. It was an awesome accomplishment!
Breakfast (we got back late at the hike took 2 hrs 30 min) Egg Sand
Nutrition Workshop - was awesome
Deep End Suspension - good pool Class
Lunch - pita and soup
Open Gym - I went for a bike ride
Kickboxing - Sharon Kicked butt as always and made the class "Funner"
Mountain - I jogged through the whole thing - wow - 35 minutes without stopping and every 3 minutes getting a bit faster.
Water Circut - was ok - lots of toning, killed my arms - I'll get deltoids yet!
Dinner - Was awesome - salmon and grains with a salad and pineapple for desert.
Now - showered and ready to go to target with the group for a bit of time out! Need more toe and finger bandaids for my poor toes that bump into my shoes!
Tomorrow will be ok - dreaded treading and hike Anasazi from here - should be easy!
Daily Challenge:
go to http://www.mypyramid.gov/ and go to my pyramid plan - figure out how many calories you need to eat (from your BMR) and then find it on the plan and pick the corresponding calorie level and then figure out how many servings of Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Veggies etc that you should be eating daily and make some meal plans.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 16 - I'm still here

Today was a tough day for me mentally, physically. I didn't get to bed until 11:30 and woke up at 5 so I was really tired.
Our hike this am was stop sign. I had planned on just making it - as I was feeling beat. I turned the music on and huffed on up the hill. I beat my last time by 1 minute. So I got up the hill in 1 hour and 30 seconds. So 40 more seconds would have gotten me under that 59;59 that I want. Maybe next time.
Breakfast - Fruit Parfait - can't believe there was 465 calories in it!
Emotional Growth Workshop - was good
Stretch - was good and then it felt like I was hit by a bus
Lunch - was tasty
I met with Rachel - the nutritionist for 30 min to discuss my menus and eating plans once I get home. I will touch base with her again after I get my RMR done next week so we can discuss how many calories I should be eating a day to continue the weight loss.
I was so tired and didn't want to do anything. So I came back to my room (for Open Gym - when I usually go for a bike ride) and had an hour nap. I can't remember the last time that I had a nap. The alarm went off and I felt like crap - but I got up to go to my 3 classes this afternoon.
Total Toning - I felt really crappy so i was a back row participant for once and just got through it!
Water Intervals - was good - nice to get some sun and fresh air
Cardio Intervals - I chose to stay in the water and i just did water jogging for 50 min in the deep end - it was hard work and enjoyed more sun and water ( and didn't have Sharon yelling at me - that is usually a helpful thing - but I didn't need it today)
Dinner - was extremely filling and then i went to the lecture that I had missed the last 15 minutes of due to a massage the first week. Picked up my laundry and am now relaxing and am going to go to bed by 9:30 tonight.
Tomorrow's hike will be a tough one and a challenge - but the hiking guide assured me that if the others roar ahead with jet fuel - she will guide the 3 of us "fast stragglers" up the mountain so we don't have to run and can take a photo or 2 or get rocks out of our shoes.
Well hopefully today has been "the wall" that everyone talks about and if a 1 hour nap got me over that - then I'm pretty lucky- some people take a few days to climb over it!
Daily Challenge: Positive Body Image
Name 3 things that you love or appreciate about your body:
Focus on who you are and not just what your body looks like
Name 3 unique traits that you have ( stay away from rolls - ie. a good mother, good wife - what makes YOU unique?)
until tomorrow.....................................

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 15 - A Very Long One

Today was a very busy day.
Daily Schedule:
Hike - I was put in a van with some other stayover guests. So our hike was not an assessment hike like the "newbies". I was not aware that I loaded my camelback with the wrong liquid this morning. I put water in mine and I think that everyone else had jet fuel in theirs! They were running up the mountain around the corners, down the rocks - insane. 9 miles was the distance of our adventure today. My walk is almost as fast so I walked most of the way and kept up for the most part. Our van will stay the same for the week - so it's the very fast paced group so I will be challenged.
Stretch was awesome. Tiffany was teaching and it was a great class and we got to do some should searching at the end of class which was good also.
Next was Mountain or Pool - I chose mountain as I'm trying to get as many calories burned this week as I can. I jogged the whole mountain segment (45 min) and as a result of that and the sappy motivating song that was playing - I took 3 week to crack my eggshell around me but today the tears started to pile out. Why - I'm not sure - I guess I was just very proud of myself for achieving what I always thought to be impossible. "I am too big - I am to fat - I am too out of shape to run" well, l guess I'm not. So time to open up many more possibilities!
I went biking after lunch and burned 612 extra calories
Water class was good - all in the deep water
Circut was good - I didn't want to run (toes are tender from the 9 mile hike this am and then the mountain class) so I wore my sandals and used the treadmill on the incline and pushed the weights hard.
Core Class - was with Nicole - it was good. I am starting to get some pretty good definition in the ab area - just need to get the keg off to see the 6 pack.
After Dinner I tried the street striders with a friend. We did pretty well actually. I will post a pic of them next time, It's like an elliptical trainer bike - a bit tricky
Still had some energy so I went into the gym and rode the stationary bike for an hour while I watched Bob Harper's new DVD to get some ideas for my bootcamp classes.
So I ended up doing 9 hours of exercise today - total exercise calorie burn of 4,188 and a calorie deficit of 1205 for a total deficit of 5,388 for today wow! That is one hard day's work at the office. I am feeling pretty beat tonight.
Tomorrow is stop sign. Not sure if I'm gonna try to beat any records, just get to the top. I am going to time it from where they used to start timing it - so I think that that will get me under the 1 hour mark. See what happens! I am meeting with Rachel - the nutritionist tomorrow to discuss my food plan when I go home! Next week I get to go home yeah - I am so wanting to leave this week - but I'll keep on keeping on.
Daily Challenge: We usually focus on the negative - so your challenge is to pick 3 things that you like about yourself and use them in an I am statement - mine were... I am strong, I am independent, I am a good leader.
Until tomorrow................

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 14 Day off

Today I slept in until 8:30 - glorious. Had breakfast (Apple Muffin and Fruit) Picked up my bag lunch (Tuna Sandwich, veggies & apple) and left for Zion National Park. I had been there with my husband last year so it wasn't a new adventure - but still beautiful and amazing. A long day though. We missed dinner so picked up Subway - but was able to snag dinner so I threw the $3.75 sub away and ate on the program.
We did probably about an hour of easy walking today and I am going to go do 20 min in the pool later and enjoy the hot tub!
I am ready for another week. I have 2 weeks left - I feel that I am ready to come home and only want to stay one more week - but husband says to stay - so i will and give it my all. You can carry weeks forward if you have 2 weeks notice. It will be good to form habits and reinforce everything.
I stepped on the scale this am and ............. drumroll............... 228lbs from 245 so that is 17 lbs gone in 2 weeks - wow! I feel amazing. Words can't describe how proud I feel about myself for pushing hard, being successful, following the program to a T! "Nothing Tastes as good as skinny feels!" I am now 5 lbs under the weight that I got married 11 years ago. My goal is to weigh 218 ( the weight I was when I met my darling husband that I haven't seen since 1997) when I go home so that mean that I have to lose 5 lbs for the next 2 weeks, so I will work hard and do a bit extra to make sure that that happens!
Daily Challenge: Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday this week, revisit the other daily challenges and complete those that you haven't done yet. Did you figure out your RMR? You need to know how many calories to put in!
Looking forward to starting week #3 - the downhill slope!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 13 - Rest at last

Ouch - you just brush past and they attack! The 2 on the right were really stuck in my knee!

My Friend Cherrie and I at the end of West Canyon - 4 miles in then 4 miles back - we are both dental hygienists and live within 2 hours of each other.

Saturday's are kind of slow around here.
Daily Schedule:
6:30 am hike - I did west canyon - an 8 mile walk down a gravelled service road
9:30 Breakfast - Pancakes, eggs & sausage
10:30 Circit - I just walked on the treadmill on a steep incline for 45 min
1130 free time - I took ( against her will) my Friend heather for a bike ride up
to the top of the hill, she did great
12:30 Lunch - Carrot Soup - different and turkey tortilla things
1:00 - 5:00 Suntan / a bit of workout in the pool
5:00 - 6:00 Massage with Tyler - that man has amazing hands!
6 - 7:45 Video and Graduation
7:45 Left for a movie - Saw Eat Pray Love with 1/2 the girls from the resort
I was very proud of myself for now caving into any temptations that came my way on our Field trip to the movie tonight. I had a bottle of water and that is it.
I snuck on the scale tonight ( I wasn't going to until Monday morning) and it said 230! That is down 15 lbs in almost 2 weeks! Yeah. My bathing suit bottoms didn't fit me great today - they are too loose! How exciting!
Tomorrow I have decided not to go to Zion. Hopefully I can sleep in, have breakfast, get a bit of a workout in ( easy one) and then do some homework for bootcamp & ladies retreat and then enjoy the sun again.
Daily Challenge: I 'm too tierd to think of one ......... OK here it is, next time you go to a movie or see a movie at home - forget about the pop, popcorn & candy ( or figure out the calories first) and opt for a healthier movie snack options ( munch on some fruit or vegetables!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 12 Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now

What an amazing week so far. Things are going awesome for me here.

Daily Schedule:

6:30 Hike - We did the dreaded "Stop Sign" - last week I did it in 1 hr 7 min
Today's time was 1 hour and 1 minute. I smoked it! I walked all the
way accept for the jog at the top. Then I walked down with 2 freinds. So we
walked 8.6 miles or 14 km in 2 hours and 8 min. Last time I did it, I had to stop 3
times towards the top to catch my breath. Today I set a pace and did
that pace the whole way. When my heart rate got too high- i would walk
with smaller steps but same pace and it seemed easy. That is amazing how
much my cardio, stamina, mindset has changed in 10 days ( I have probably
lost 15 lbs as well - so imagine putting a 15 lb weight in my pack and carrying
it along - wow!

9:30 Breakfast - yummy eggs and facon sandwich and fruit

10:15 Open Gym - I rode a stationary bike for 45 min and finished watching the movie
"Chole" that I started last night on my ipod.

11:15 Stretch - Erin taught it today - it was awesome - worked on hips and neck

12:15 Lunch Yummy soup & turkey sandwich

1:15 Prep for next week - we got our next week schedules and discussed our
successes from this week

2:30 Circut Training - Was awesome - we did some extra cardio and rotated between
the weights and cardio machines. I picked up the 20 lb weights for biceps
and got running 10.4 mph on the treadmill - yeah!

3:30 Zumba - was so much fun. Burned good calories and had fun

4:30 Liquid Moves - was a volleyball game in the water - so i worked out in the deep
end and got a good water workout!

5:45 Dinner - Salmon Burger and Salad and fruit skewer for dessert.

Today was a great day. I am looking forward to the weekend. I have lots of "stuff" to do - and the more i get done here, the less i have to do at home when i get there! I got on skype last night and it was awesome to see the family at home. I can't believe that I've been gone 2 weeks already today. I miss them. But I think that this will be an awesome thing that I have done for myself and for them. I am learning so much - especially about myself and abilities. I am pushing myself harder than i think i can and I am not quitting when it gets hard - I push through until I physically can't - not mentally can't!

Tomorrow will be West Canyon - an 8 mile walk on a gravel path through some mountains - going to walk it with a new friend who lives 2 hours from me and is also a dental hygienist and will be here for the next 2 weeks.

I plan on laying in the sun and reading a few magazines and just chilling tomorrow afternoon. Saturday night is Graduation for those leaving and Karaoke - so that'll be fun. Sunday a group of us are going to Zion National Park - that will be nice too!

Daily Challenge : Squat Day - you need your quadriceps for everything - bending down, getting out of the car, off the toilet .... etc.... so today's challenge is to try 20 squats. Use a kitchen chair and sit down and stand up - if it's too low you don't have to sit down on it - make sure you stick your behind out - weights should be on your heels and don't let your knees go over your toes. Try to do 20 2 times through the day tomorrow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 11 - On Fire!

Today was an awesome day. I had reservations about the hike this morning. Everyone talked about how hard it was so it kind of psyched me out. The hike was amazing. I got to challenge my cardio - it was tough but not as hard as the mountain I climbed before I left home. The scenery was amazing. We had to go down a few "slides" were told to put our crack in the crack LOL but it worked. The most challenging part for me was straddling a crevase that had a pool of water underneath - if you slipped - you would go sploosh and it's deep and gross. So I tried - I even went second and took it one step at a time and I felt so proud!

Daily Schedule

6:30 Hike - Saddle
9:30 Breakfast - a porrage like thing ( I didn't like it, but I ate it)
10:15 Stretch - It hurt a lot and was very uncomfortable - I felt like crap when it was done
11:15 Liquid Moves in the pool - I got stretched out and moving and felt a lot better when
it was over
12:25 Lunch - Awesome mushroom soup and yummy turkey burger
1:00 Free Time - I went for a bike ride - took a friend and we took it slow and went as far
as she could go and then I went back and did it myself again
1:45 Open Gym ( I was bike riding) it's nice you get to choose in 2nd week
2:20 Total Body H2O - was tough - I gave it my all and got "pooped out"
3:30 Ball Works - we did an aerobics and toning class using a ball - it was hard as all
my muscles were sore from hiking, pool, biking, pool - I did do 10 pushups with only
my toes on the tip of the ball!
4:30 Dreaded Treading Class - I did it on the treadmill. You go as fast / hard as you can
for 5 minutes ( the instructor keeps getting you to go faster) and then rest for 5 minutes and then 4 minutes as fast as you can and then rest for 4 min and on and on until 1. I acheived something that I have never done before - I ran on the treadmill for 30 seconds at 10.0 mph! Wow - that was amazing - it felt so awesome to do something that you didn't think that you could do.
5:30 Dinner - Stuffed peppers and some kind of desert. It was really tasty.
6:15 Increasing your income - the people who are staying over discuss the challenges we
faced this week and what we want to acheive next week
7:15 Movie time in my room wit a freind
Daily Challenge: Try something that you don't think that you can do and just do it! There is no failure but in ceasing to try!~