I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vacation Came and Gone

It was an amazing vacation to Mexico!  I had a great relaxing time. Did tons of walks on the beach - calves were screaming. Went to the gym and did some jogging on the treadmill and core work.  I managed to only gain 1 lb on my holiday.  5 days of 3 all you can eat and drink buffets - so that is not bad. I made healthy choices and used portion control. Did not go back for seconds and enjoyed everything that I wanted - in moderation and gave up other things to balance the calories out (white breads, pastas etc

I had the unique opportunity to go Zip lining. There is a weight restriction of 250 lbs. I have not been able to do this before and the guy that picked me up and threw a scale at my feet and told me to hop on - my previous nightmare! But it was OK - I hopped on proudly and came in 45 lbs under the line!

I did not meet my goal of being under 200 and am struggling at 204 and feeling a bit unmotivated.  None the less - the struggle continues and always will!

I am finding myself digging into the bags of chocolate chips and peanut butter jar a bit more than I should. I need to stop and ask myself - What emotion am I trying to stuff down my throat.  I have been eating more processed foods and can feel it. Even though my weight is in check - my body feels very bloated.

I have a friend who is participating in a weight loss challenge and she came over last night to workout and is coming again today and tomorrow - so that is great accountability and getting me moving again. When I am done typing this I am going to go downstairs to do a "Mountain" class on my treadmill to wear off the calories from the 3 hand fulls of chocolate chips that I ate while making "the kids" whole wheat banana bread for snack. I take the butter out and replace it with applesauce and it works great - try it if you haven't.

Well here are a few pics from my Mexican Adventure! I came home to an ugly blast of winter  - 25 degrees - cold - snow - wind - ugh! Better get the snowshoes and cross country skis out so that I can continue this healthy lifestyle outside again.

I have a lot of hard work to do this week - to feel confident wearing a very form fitting black dress for 2 Christmas parties next weekend.  Have a healthy and happy week!


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