I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

If you told me where I would be today - a year ago - I wouldn't have believed you!

It was an amazing day. I hosted my Weight Loss Jump Start Seminar. 30 strong and amazing ladies came from 8:30 - 5 and did everything that I put in front of them. Boot camp, Yoga, Resistance Training, Zumba, Stretching.  They sat through 2 hours of Nutrition Lectures, Exercise Information & Goal Setting.

I was going to do Subway Subs for lunch - but I did a bit of research into the ingredients and .... High Fructose Corn Syrup is the 3rd ingredient in the 9 grain wheat sub! Sickening! So I chose PIZZA - yes that is not a typo - PIZZA! 

Panago's multi grain, thin crust - with light cheese (about 1/2 as much) on a medium pizza - is only @ 125 calories a slice~! Pretty decent - so paired with veggies with low fat dip with a nice creamy yogurt for dessert - it was a pretty tasty lunch.

I am doing OK. I have achieved my goal of getting under 200. I weighed in today at 197.9.  I am enjoying a bit too much pop, sweets, treats - practicing some emotional eating so........... time to tighten up the belt - I am happy that I am not gaining weight through this struggle. I am accounting for the "slip ups" and paying for it with exercise and doing it in moderation. So it still may just be the 10 % and I feel like I'm cheating - but I feel much better when eating "clean"!

I bought  my first pair of Calvin Klein Jeans today at Costco - Size 16 and they fit good! Wow! Feels so great to be able to pick up pretty much any size 16 in any store and have it fit! I would like to get to that point in a 14 - so I need to make a plan and get practicing what I'm preaching.

I am still training for the 1/2 marathon - but need to get on a more serious schedule too.

I hope to report next post that I am getting back on track - now that I have some time to focus on me. I am still planning my wellness retreat in March - but I'm keeping it more simple and if it starts booking up more - then I'll do a bit more planning for it!

Have an awesome week - 3 weeks to get in Bikini Shape for Hawaii!

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