I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I now weigh Under 200 lbs!

I can't believe that I am saying these words
"One Hundred Ninety Nine" pounds! 

After a quick 30 min morning workout last week-
you don't need a lot of time to workout - just do something and get off the couch!

I know that the number is not the most important thing but........... that's a pretty big hurdle for a "big girl" to overcome - 55 lbs less than it was this time last year. I got into my "Skinny" size 16 - not 16W like I was wearing - just plain old 16!

I have been struggling with food and motivation. I was craving a pop - so I bought a Diet Dr. Pepper at the store and then next shopping trip - I bought a case to save $ and have for when I wanted just one.

I imagine you know the end of that story! I had 8 of the cans that week and am now craving pop again. I am happy to report that I am not having one daily and and none for breakfast! I will not keep it in the house - if I need one, I'll go to the store and get 1.

Boot camp is going well. WE are back in the GYM again. 4 more classes until the Christmas break and I am hoping to do a lot of videos and get lots of new ideas and drop 5 lbs between Dec 16th ( the end of work for me this year) and the first day back Jan 3rd! So I will have to keep my focus, make a schedule with both food and exercise and stick with it!

I had 2 Christmas Parties last weekend. I "paid" for some of the calories that I consumed before I ate them with some Cardio. I made wise choices at the meals - it's a dieters night mare the first party. There are several grazing stations - Seafood, Pasta, Carving, Desert, Appetizers, Cheese etc. just food , food, food, food - open bar for some yummy free drinks. So to not have gained any significant weight was good! The party the next night was a full blown turkey dinner with all the trimmings - so again I practiced portion control and it went OK!

I am going to Las Vegas for my Birthday in 2 weeks! I am going back to Utah for a day -
 so excited to go back and do some hiking and rock that stop sign!

My wonderful husband gave me my Birthday gift early - I got a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS with a heart rate monitor. So i can track all my workouts and know how far I am going and how long it takes to get me there!

My plans for next year are to:
- reach my goal weight ( between 170 - 180 lbs)
- Train and run a 1/2 marathon May 1st in Vancouver ( already registered, hotel and flights)
- Complete an Olympic Sized Triathalon in Hinton ( where i grew up) on June 6th

So lots to work towards in 2010.

I have added in a Women's Retreat - ReNEW YOU - Health &Wellness Retreat on March 18 - 20th
out at Goldeye Centre in the Majestic Canadian Rockies. 
 So I will be busy planning for that as well! 

Well I've bored you all enough for now! Have a happy holiday season -
remember that the food is not the reason for the season!
 Remember that whatever you DO with food - you can UNDO with exercise!

What are your goals for next year?
Set some goals, make a plan, acquire the knowledge that you need,
and find some motivation and DO IT!



  1. Way to go Donna. Your going to rock that Stop Sign route when you go back to Utah. Have a great time in Vegas and keep up the great training for your 1st 1/2 marathon. You will be hooked trust me!

  2. I hope you enjoy your Garmin as much as I do. Love being able to run wherever I want since Garmin will tell me distance and pace. Wish I had bought one a long time ago.