I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WeeK 2 at home

Me at the top of the 30 foot climbing wall

Having fun rapelling down the 30 foot climbing wall - the best part about making it to the top!
Enjoying a horseback ride even in the rain and in the mud
A wonderful group of women at this years Women's Wellness Retreat

me horseback riding at the retreat last year ( it was a good weight loss motivation pic!)

It has been a very busy week. I had my Women's Wellness Retreat this weekend. 30 ladies come and enjoy the weekend with opportunities to go Horseback riding, archery, wall climbing, biking, hiking, canoeing, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, stretching, core camp, bellydancing, or doing whatever they wanted while they were served 5 meals and 3 snacks.  It was very busy organizing and supplying and I taught bootcamp, pilates, core, stretching and managed to get to climb the wall and go for a horseback ride.

The food was not overly healthy - I did pack my own and used it a bit. I made substitutions and used protion control. I did fine - I still ended up losing 2.5 lbs this week.

My bootcamp class has started up and it is very busy. I shouldn't complain as it's very popular (37 ladies) and a big waiting list. I had a compliment from a student that said that it  was very professional and I did learn a lot about presentation with being in fantastic classes for a month!

I am running now.  Friday was a busy day with the retreat starting and I knew that I would not be able to get my workout in if i put it off, so I dropped the kids off for school and ......... went to the trail and ran 5.6 km in 34 minutes and burned 400 calories and had a great workout! YOu really have to plan - food exercise - it's a great way to succeed!

I have been having some chocolate in the last few days ( leftover halloween bars from the retreat ) and they are almost gone so i will make a promise - no chocolate tomorrow!  I have been counting the calories and making sure that they worked in with my calories.

Life is busy but great. My new lifestyle is working out great. I am not getting enough sleep - I need to work on that.

I am itching to go on another vacation - I have time off Nov 11-16th and not sure if I should go to Mexico or Las Vegas. If i go to vegas I will drive to Utah and get a massage from Tyler - Oh yes I will and go and see if I can do Stop Sign in 53 minutes this time!

Have a great week ........... see you next week

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