I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 4 - 1 month Back Home

A fall hike to Allstones Lake
I did this same hike before I went to Utah. It was tough. I had to stop every 10 steps
to catch my breath. My heart rate was at 180 climbing up and up and up and up. 

This time - I did not have to stop - I did to admire the view and take pictures - my heart rate average was 126 this time - last time it was 156! Wow - so much easier not carrying 35 extra pounds up the mountain.

 Gorgeous Fall Colors

 Eating Lunch - I packed a healthy lunch full of nuts, veggies, fruit, whole grains,
lean protein and washed it down with lots of water!

What a fantastic and busy month it has been. I got home 1 month ago today and all is going 
 I am 11 lbs down from the morning I got home.  I am enjoying "living". My life before consisted of  an All or Nothing " on or off" attitude.  It feels so good just to live! Food is something you need for fuel and it doesn't rule my life anymore. Don't get me wrong - I am enjoying my treats - but ... I know that they are in moderation and that they need to fit into my calories if I want to continue losing weight.

Our local newspaper ran a page on my experience at The Biggest Loser Resort. It will be good to have public accountability. I imagine that there will be a few eyes (we live in a small town) watching what I put in my grocery cart and what I choose to eat while I'm eating out. LOL.

I am doing 2 presentations in the next 2 weeks on my experience.  I am looking forward to sharing the valuable knowledge that I learned with as many people that want to listen.

Clothes shopping has been fun . I now buy what I like and what I want instead of WHAT FITS! It's a great feeling.  I am taking more pride in my appearance. I am spending more time looking better on the outside - which reflects how I am feeling on the inside.

This journey will be forever and I am just taking it day by day. So far - it's gone well and all the valuable brainwashing that I got at BLR has been working.  The sense of control that I have over my life, food & habits is great!

Until next week - Keep fit and have fun  - You are worth it - it is worth the hard work and sacrifices to feel this good!

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  1. Keep up the great work Donna. Looks like you have some pretty amazing places to hike back home. Wish I had some mountains to climb as it looks stunning!