I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Survived Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I had a great Vacation to Las Vegas and a wonderful Holiday season with my great family!  It was fun to see the kids' excitement!

I now have a week off to get my life organized before Jan 1st!  Registration for boot camp, core camp, New Year - New You Weight loss Jump start Seminar,  getting all the lectures and handouts done for the seminar - starting to organize the retreat in March and getting the house cleaned up, Christmas taken down and MOST importantly - a week to get a ton of workouts in to get new ideas and get a few lbs off before the new year.

I went to Las Vegas for my 39th birthday and it was a lot of fun. The weather was horrible! We were not able to get out hiking - roads were flooded and closed. We went to the Canyon Ranch Spa and went to 2 great fitness classes and worked up a great sweat! Probably not how most people spend their time in Las Vegas
I came home from Vegas and jumped on the scale. 198.6 after 4 days of drinks, snacks, eating out, buffets - not bad. I made good choices most of the time and enjoyed food when I felt like it - within reason. It feels great to be losing weight slow and steady without being on a diet!  It makes me feel good that I might have a chance at succeeding and keeping this weight off.

I did some shopping in Las Vegas and bought my first pair of Size 14 pants!
 I think I was a size 14 when I was 14!

This is a picture from Las Vegas 2 years ago

it's unbelievable to look back - when you don't even recognize yourself!
Good incentive to keep moving in the right direction or just staying at this weight!

If you haven't thought about your "goals" - don't use January 1st as the date
START NOW! Make your short term goal for 30 days from NOW
Be accountable to YOURSELF! Believe in YOURSELF!
List the benefits of being healthier & fitter in 2011
Make a plan on how you can achieve that
Find ways to execute that plan
Find some motivation to help you start
Follow through - you deserve it
Cause you can and you are worth it!

Make the most of the upcoming week! Happy New Year

My goal is to weigh in on Jan 1st at 199 lbs - so just to maintain and hopefully I'll be down a few more - but it's really just a number on the scale now 
 I feel great, look great and am loving life
That is what is important.

mmm - not  all yummy things are full of calories! 
 Celebrating my 39th Birthday
My goal when I started this "transformation" was to be better looking and fitter at
 40 than I was at 20
I'm well on my way and have 359 days to improve!

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