I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 24

It's late - so this will be short - photos will follow tomorrow.

Daily Schedule:

Hike: We did Volcano. We had a split group so there were 2 people trying very hard to keep up but always falling behind a lot - so it was frustrating for all of us ( including them i'm sure),., I wanted to keep my heartrate up so i kept backtracking everytime we stopped to wait for them to catch up - ran up and down lots of extra hills. Only 3 of us went to the top of the Volcano - that was cool!

Breakfast - I chose cereal & milk - they served Warm Museli ? Like oatmeal - yuk!

I skipped stretch and Circuit and did my 19 mile - 31 km bike ride again - I love it and I challenge myself and work hard and keep it in hard gears!


Mountain - I ran the whole class - and ended up running 10.5mph for 30 sec at the end

Kickboxing - gave it to that bag - luv it!

Pool - I didn't go to the pool - I did mountain again. Hopped in the pool after and floated in the sun for 20 min before dinner. (I hear it's cold at home in Canada)


I used Heather's truck and went shopping to the Outlets here, Target, TJ Max, Old Navy - exhausting! But ......... an XL at old navy, eddie bauer fit me ........... yeah! One store "avenue" had amazing clotes and the 18/20's were too big for me , the 14/16's fit ( I think I was 12 the last time that happened!)

to tierd to think of a daily challenge - take a rest day

see you tomorrow with more hiking stories and photos

I had so much energy today and was soo

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