I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 22 Another Full and Amazing Day

Only 4 full days left! Whew hew! I am so excited to go home. I am doing my all and best this week to make the most of it.
Daily Schedule
Hike: we got put in a van with returning guests and there was quite a mixture of hiking levels. It was really a disaster and the one guy wanted a better burn so climbed up in the hills and got lost so we left without him and they picked him up later. ( Burned 937 Calories)
Tomorrow's hike is stop sign and I am going to make that time under 1:00hr so i will have to jog a bit to make up a few minutes. Jogging on the treadmill has been easy but jogging on pavement? We'll see how that goes.
Breakfast was that greek fritata thing - ugh - but I ate it.
Mountain - you increase your speed every 3 minutes for 12 x and I jogged through the whole thing (burned 455 calories)
Stretch - was good ( burned 173 calories)
Lunch - I ate quick and then headed out for a 19 mile or 31 km bike ride - to the end of West Canyon (up where we hike) there are cougars, mountain lions, rattle snakes and tarantulas out there - I guess I"m either brave or stupid to go alone. I made the bike ride in 1 hour 30 min, it was awesome. I felt like I had felt a finish line! (Burned 838 calories)
Core Class - was awesome - taught by Paige (Burned 212 Calories)
Circuit Class - was good - I did it in my sandals but it was good ( burned 308 calories)
Water Aerobics class - deep end suspension ( burned 300 calories)
Total Calorie Burn from Exercise 3223 + 1000 (from RMR that I didn't eat)=
a calorie deficit of 4223 - so should be good for another pound gone on Saturday's weigh in.
I started packing last night - it's amazing that I have my favorite clothes that I like to wear and do the wash every 2 days - oh well. I am leaving a lot of my clothes for my Friend Heather who is staying longer.
Daily Challenge: I was listening to music on my bike ride and the song "Proud" biggest loser's theme song came up and I just love those lyrics.
so - What have you done today - to make you feel proud? Make a list - I"m sure there are a few things you can think of - fitness or not related - if not - do something tomorrow!

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