I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 15 - A Very Long One

Today was a very busy day.
Daily Schedule:
Hike - I was put in a van with some other stayover guests. So our hike was not an assessment hike like the "newbies". I was not aware that I loaded my camelback with the wrong liquid this morning. I put water in mine and I think that everyone else had jet fuel in theirs! They were running up the mountain around the corners, down the rocks - insane. 9 miles was the distance of our adventure today. My walk is almost as fast so I walked most of the way and kept up for the most part. Our van will stay the same for the week - so it's the very fast paced group so I will be challenged.
Stretch was awesome. Tiffany was teaching and it was a great class and we got to do some should searching at the end of class which was good also.
Next was Mountain or Pool - I chose mountain as I'm trying to get as many calories burned this week as I can. I jogged the whole mountain segment (45 min) and as a result of that and the sappy motivating song that was playing - I took 3 week to crack my eggshell around me but today the tears started to pile out. Why - I'm not sure - I guess I was just very proud of myself for achieving what I always thought to be impossible. "I am too big - I am to fat - I am too out of shape to run" well, l guess I'm not. So time to open up many more possibilities!
I went biking after lunch and burned 612 extra calories
Water class was good - all in the deep water
Circut was good - I didn't want to run (toes are tender from the 9 mile hike this am and then the mountain class) so I wore my sandals and used the treadmill on the incline and pushed the weights hard.
Core Class - was with Nicole - it was good. I am starting to get some pretty good definition in the ab area - just need to get the keg off to see the 6 pack.
After Dinner I tried the street striders with a friend. We did pretty well actually. I will post a pic of them next time, It's like an elliptical trainer bike - a bit tricky
Still had some energy so I went into the gym and rode the stationary bike for an hour while I watched Bob Harper's new DVD to get some ideas for my bootcamp classes.
So I ended up doing 9 hours of exercise today - total exercise calorie burn of 4,188 and a calorie deficit of 1205 for a total deficit of 5,388 for today wow! That is one hard day's work at the office. I am feeling pretty beat tonight.
Tomorrow is stop sign. Not sure if I'm gonna try to beat any records, just get to the top. I am going to time it from where they used to start timing it - so I think that that will get me under the 1 hour mark. See what happens! I am meeting with Rachel - the nutritionist tomorrow to discuss my food plan when I go home! Next week I get to go home yeah - I am so wanting to leave this week - but I'll keep on keeping on.
Daily Challenge: We usually focus on the negative - so your challenge is to pick 3 things that you like about yourself and use them in an I am statement - mine were... I am strong, I am independent, I am a good leader.
Until tomorrow................

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