I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 26 Breakthrough Moments

Today was an awesome day for me. We did "White Rocks" for our hike. I took it pretty slow the first half (the group went much slower today than yesterday - Zac leads a slower pace). The scenery is gorgeous and it was pretty easy - a few tough climbs but the views at the top was worth it.
After breakfast I chose to go biking instead of my scheduled classes ( I got 2 new blisters yesterday so it was nice to get the running shoes off). I was biking up towards west canyon and as I came to the spot where I needed to go on the trail.... I had an moment....
If a van full of quite overweight / out of shape individuals could make it up stop sign ( I saw them as we finished up our hike and was very inspired) surely I could bike to the top. On our first week - I needed to stop 3 times to get to the top of stop sign and admired the fit bikers that just cruised up that monster hill. So I set off to conquer the hill! Long story short - I made it to the top and only needed to stop once. I can't describe the overwhelming emotions that overpowered me when I reached the top and grabbed that pole!
I chose the hard way. The 19 mile west canyon ride is not easy, but quite do-able for me. The stop sign ride was a major challenge and pushed me into that ugly and uncomfortable zone that we do not like to go to often. I had nothing to prove to anyone else - just myself! I cruised down that hill (and probably wore out the breaks on that crappy mountain bike) and felt like a whole new person coming back out of that canyon!
I did 2 circuits as the zumba girls were not there today. Then tried cardio dance and left half way through - hated it and came back to rest.
Went for a dip in the pool and steam room
Went to Tarzan production at the open air theatre here - it is amazing. 5* production and facility. You are at the bottom of the red rocks and it was absolutely stunning! I think I will make a trip out here to see the little mermaid next year!
Well that's about it. Tomorrow is the last day. I am planning on sleeping in. I have my test out at 930 and then vo2 test at 1130 and you can't do any strenuous exercise before that. After that I'll do 30 min jogging on the treadmill and enjoy the afternoon at the pool, get a haircut, supper and graduation and then have my shuttle pick me up and wisk me away to Vegas for my 24 hour summer vacation!

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  1. Donna - thank you so much for sharing your journey. Have a safe trip home and can't wait to see your final results.