I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 23 Don't Stop Believing - Hold onto that feeling

Stop Sign This Morning - My goal was to get it done in under an hour........................ drumroll please......................... 0:55 min - whew hew! Rocked it - not only did I get it under but I shaved off 6 minutes. I ran and walked quickly - it was an awesome feeling. I cried half way down the hill - just cause I tried really hard and actually did it! I was listening to "Don't Stop Believing: while I was walking down and boy lyrics sure can be powerful when you're in the right frame of mind.

Daily Schedule

Hike - Stop Sign

Cardio Interval Class - I got blisters on my hike so I did the treadmill on incline and my right calf is all bruised and hurts so I didn't want to run, but still left the class soaking wet

Pool - good workout and then layed in the pool for 1/2 hour


Open Gym - Went on a bikeride by myself and then with Heather

Emotional Growth Workshop

Total Toning - I didn't go - I stayed in the gym instead and did the gym circuit and then 1/2 class of Sharon's Cardio interval

Pool Class - I stayed in the deepend and did my own thing

Personal Training Session with AnnaMarie - it was awesome - she is making me up a weight lifting schedule - she is so strong and amazing - lifts 10's and 12's when the guys in the room have 8's and can hardly lift them up.

Supper - was lasagna - awesome - with 2 choc covered strawberries - I can't believe that they are less than 70 calories??

I have a massage scheduled at 9 pm. I am going to roll of the massage table right into bed. I think there is a hard hike tomorrow. Then I'm going to skip the morning 2 classes (stretch and circuit) and do the 19 mile bikeride with another girl tomorrow. (Better calorie burn!)

Daily Challenge: In our emotional workshop today - Jen made us do I am statements.

I am ....................... not a mother, not a dental hygienist
but .............. beautiful, strong, independent, adventurous, stubborn etc.

make your own I am statements............... do 8 then pick your top 3 and make your own I am statements, use this to validate yourself when times get tought (instead of stuffing your feelings down with food)

Daily Totals : Exercise Calories: 2569 + 1200 (food) = 3769 should be another lb gone!

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