I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 21 Amazing Weekend

Saturday morning hike to the left - I was able to hold my body weight up with 3 fingers - wow - would not have done that 3 weeks ago. I weighed in on Saturday morning and ......... 224.5 so that is 21 lbs down in 3 weeks.

Sorry for all the pictures. 4 of us went to Bryce Canyon for a night and it was awesome. We did lots of getting in and out of the car, small walks -one decent hike to the bottom of the canyon.
We had to dine out 3 times. For supper - we went to a smoke house and all had roasted turkey (that was done without skin on the BBQ) and salad and I had 1/2 a baked potato with a big glass of water.
Breakfast and lunch today was subway. We had taken veggies and fruit from the resort before we left so they came in handy. My calories were low yesterday so I had a frozen yogurt and my stomach got gassy, crampy etc. I really think that I deal better without milk products.
We were faced with challenges and temptations all weekend and passed with flying colors. It really makes you think when you know how hard you have to work to wear calories off - it's not worth eating the high calorie low nutritional stuff. ( I think I am finally getting it!)
Well dinner was nice tonight - we flew in towards the end, but were able to hear all the introductions from the new and returning guests. I am looking forward to my last chance workouts this week - see how much more I can achieve!
Our hiking group will be mostly new people this week, so that will be nice!
See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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