I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 17 - What an amazing adventure

What an amazing day I had today - quite a change from yesterday!
Daily Schedule:
Hike: Awesome Chasom - Wow- one of the hardest hikes here and we conquered it! It started with 40 minutes of hiking through deep sand. Then you empty the sand out of your shoes (and get eaten alive by mosquitos) then start scaling up the rocks, and up and up and up. It seememd like it would never end. The view from the top was amazing - we went to a few other "tops" and then had to cross a ledge very close to a steep canyon and then got to an overlook. It was an awesome accomplishment!
Breakfast (we got back late at the hike took 2 hrs 30 min) Egg Sand
Nutrition Workshop - was awesome
Deep End Suspension - good pool Class
Lunch - pita and soup
Open Gym - I went for a bike ride
Kickboxing - Sharon Kicked butt as always and made the class "Funner"
Mountain - I jogged through the whole thing - wow - 35 minutes without stopping and every 3 minutes getting a bit faster.
Water Circut - was ok - lots of toning, killed my arms - I'll get deltoids yet!
Dinner - Was awesome - salmon and grains with a salad and pineapple for desert.
Now - showered and ready to go to target with the group for a bit of time out! Need more toe and finger bandaids for my poor toes that bump into my shoes!
Tomorrow will be ok - dreaded treading and hike Anasazi from here - should be easy!
Daily Challenge:
go to http://www.mypyramid.gov/ and go to my pyramid plan - figure out how many calories you need to eat (from your BMR) and then find it on the plan and pick the corresponding calorie level and then figure out how many servings of Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Veggies etc that you should be eating daily and make some meal plans.

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  1. Donna,

    I read your post daily and I just want you to know how inspiring you are and how much I appreciate you letting others share your experience!!!